Volume records continue to tumble in 30,613 head AuctionsPlus offering

Beef Central, 21/03/2020

This line of 36 Angus weaned steers, 6-7 months averaging 140kg, offered by Shannon Partnership, Moree NSW made 566c/kg this week.

ANOTHER weekly turnover record of 30,613 head was achieved on AuctionsPlus this week, with most young steer and heifer weight categories declining in price. The previous record was set three weeks ago at around 23,000 head.

Southern Queensland has resumed its position as the biggest purchasing region, securing 3615 head from this week’s three sales, followed by NSW Slopes and Plains, 2510 head.

Cow and calf units sold firm on last week with prices ranging from $1200 to $3280, to average $2214. Top price went to a line of Angus and Angus X Speckle Park PTIC cows and calves offered by Kangara Farms, Hindmarsh Tiers, SA. These 2.5-4.5 year old cows averaged 486kg, are were PTIC to Speckle Park bulls, as well as being accompanied by 5-7 month old, 210kg calves.

Another highlight was a line of 21 Angus cows and calves from Hillview Angus Stud, Bungendore NSW. The rising three year old heifers, 70pc being stud registered, averaged 452kg and had 1-3 month old, 94kg calves. They sold for $2900.

PTIC cows made from $1600 to $2100 this week, to average $1815, down $166 from last week. Top price went to a line of 55 Angus PTIC cows 6-7 years averaging 600kg, offered by Cassilis Park Merino Stud, Cassilis NSW. A lot of 42 Hereford PTIC cows 5-6 years from Gilgandra, NSW also sold for $2100.

There was increase in numbers of PTIC heifers offered this week, up 98 head to total 1597. Prices ranged from $1350 to $2040, up $17 on last week to average $1715. The category toppers were 53 Angus heifers offered by Graman Pastoral Co, Inverell NSW. The EU accredited heifers 16-18 months averaging 391kg were PTIC to Angus bulls.

From Currabubula NSW, 26 PTIC Angus heifers 18-20 months averaging 458kg also made $2040.

This line of 42 Hereford PTIC cows 5-6 years averaging 622kg from Gilgandra, NSW made $2100.

Young cattle

There were 5204 head of steers offered this week, up 548 from last week. Light steers less than 200kg sold from 441-566c to average 487c, up 10c from last week. Top price went to 36 Angus steers, 140kg, 6-7 months, offered by Shannon Partnership, Moree NSW. Selling for 539c, a line of 24 Shorthorn & Shorthorn x Angus steers, 4-6 months averaging 148kg were the next best price.

Steers 200-280kg sold from 295-553c to average 456c, down 21c from last week. A line of Wattletop & Glenavon blood Angus steers 5-7 months averaging 209kg topped the category for Tepa Pty Ltd, Guyra NSW. Other highlights included 78 backgrounder Angus steers, 7-8 months averaging 210kg, from Gunnedah NSW selling for 548c; and 126 Angus steers, 6-12 months averaging 227kg from Winton QLD.

In the 280-330kg category, steers sold from 306-477c, averaging 417c, down 18c from last week. Top price went to 88 backgrounder Angus steers 9-10 months averaging 282kg offered by Permeate Pty Ltd from Gunnedah NSW. Other notable lots include 64 Charolais x Angus unweaned steers, 307kg, 8-11 months, selling for 474c; and 106 backgrounder Santa steers, 289kg, 12-14 months from Eidsvold QLD, selling for 445c.

Feeder steers 330-400kg sold between 305c to 448c this week to average 375c, down 35c from last week. KV & MM Chard from Pinkett on the Northern Tablelands NSW achieved the highest price of the category with a run of 29 Angus feeder steers, 331kg at 16-17 months. From the same vendor, 60 Hereford steers, 376kg at 17-19 months, sold for 422c. In Victoria, 21 yearling Angus steers, 352kg, 12-19 months, sold for 421c.

Heavy steers +400kg averaged 404c this week, up 33c from last week, with prices ranging from 297c to 446c. Top price went to a line of 52 Angus steers, 406kg, 17-18 months from Keera Lands Pty Ltd, Bingara NSW. From the Sunshine State, 12 Angus yearling steers, 408kg, 17-19 months sold for 421c.

Heifers also had an increase in the number of head offered this week, jumping 1077 to total 3179 head.

Light heifers less than 200kg sold from 460c and 618c, averaging 476c, down 29c on last week. Top price was secured by a line of 43 weaned Angus heifers, 6-7 months averaging 133kg, offered by Shannon Partnership from Moree NSW. Other highlights included a line of Angus heifers, 5-6 months 154kg, form Blayney NSW, selling for 472c; a line of Santa x Angus heifers, 4-5 months averaging 128kg from Longreach QLD, selling for 428c; and a line of Shorthorn heifers, 4-6 months averaging 152kg from Taralaga NSW, selling for 428c.

Heifers 200-280kg averaged 378c this week, down 24c from last week; with prices ranging from 336c to 435c. Uungula Pastoral Co, Wellington NSW secured the top price of the category with EU accredited heifers, 228kg at 6-7 months. From Southern NSW in Tumbarumba, a line of Charolais & Hereford x Shorthorn heifers, 5-6 months old, 212kg achieved the next best price of 433c.

In the 280-330kg category, heifers sold between 305c and 389c to average 345c, down 38c from last week. Top price hailed from Bridgewater VIC with a line of crossbred heifers, 319kg, 14-16 months. Also from VIC, 25 EU accredited Angus heifers, 322kg at 11-12 months, sold well for 382c.

Feeder heifers 330-400kg were priced between 324c and 433c this week, averaging 369c, down 39c from last. A line of 62 Hereford NSM future breeders 17-19 months averaging 347kg from Old Farm Pastoral secured the top price of the category.

Angus heifers 15-17 months averaging 331kg from Walcha NSW made 404c, while from Tambo QLD, a line of Hereford x Red Brangus feeder heifers, 12-18 months, 359kg made 372c.

Heifers +400kg averaged 370c this week, down 8c from last week. With only a small offering, prices ranged from 351c to 385c. Top price went a line of Angus heifers 17-19 month averaging 442kg from Armidale NSW, offered by Glendon Pastoral. Another highlight was 54 Angus feeder heifers from Bears Lagoon NSW, 14-18 months averaging 430kg, selling for 377c.

In Tasmania, clearance rates jumped to reach 79pc in this week’s sale, offering 143 head. Top price went to a line of 21 PTIC cows & calves from Pipers River. The mixed age SimmAngus x Angus cows averaged 512kg and were PTIC to Landfall Angus bulls and are accompanied by 21 Registered Composite, 4-6 month old calves averaging 180kg. Another highlight was a line of Angus feeder steers, 13-15 months, 401kg that made 379c.

In this week’s WA sale, there was an increased offering this week, with 174 head for sale, up 42 from last. Weaned steers achieved strong prices to average 380c, while a lot of 7-8 month old weaned Angus heifers sold for 371c. Top price of the sale was achieved by two slaughter bulls, a Murray Grey & an Angus, 7 years of age, 524kg dressed weight, selling for 461c dressed, equivalent of $2415.

In a breakdown of young cattle sold this week, by weight range:

Less than 200kg: Steers sold from 441c to 566c/kg to average 487c, while heifers sold from 420-618c to average 476c

200-280kg: Steers sold from 295-553c to average 456c, while heifers sold from 337-435c to average 378c

280-330kg: Steers sold from 306-477c to average 417c, while heifers sold from 305-389c to average 345c

330-400kg: Steers sold from 305-448c to average 375c, while heifers sold from 325-433c to average 369c

400+kg: Steers sold from 297-446c to average 404c, while heifers sold from 307-385c to average 370c


Source: AuctionsPlus


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