Roma store 5 July 2016: Weaners soar in 10,600 head yarding

Martin Bunyard, 06/07/2016

Yarding 10,600 Change 5460

Very large numbers of weaner steers and heifers were penned. Plenty of restocker and feedlot buyers attended the sale, with light weight yearling steers hitting $1000/head.

Large consignments of single vendor weaners were yarded, plus good quality lines of locally bred weaner steers and heifers were penned.

Light weight heifers found solid competition between restockers and feedlot buyers, with light weight yearling heifers returning to the paddock at 402c/kg. Cows and calves sold to $1,500/unit during the sale. Steer calves sold to 404c and averaged 373c, while heifer calves made to 340c and averaged 333c/kg.

Light weight yearling steers topped at 408c and mostly sold between 356c and 384c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers to feed earned to 388c and averaged 359c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers reached 358c and averaged 346c/kg.

Light weight yearling heifers sold to 402c and mainly ranged between 328c and 358c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers to feed topped at 350c and averaged 328c, while medium weight yearling heifers made to 353c and averaged 333c/kg. Heavyweight yearling heifers to feedlot buyers sold to 347c and averaged 336c/kg. Medium weight cows sold mostly between 250c and 261c/kg.

Roma heavy steers hit 365c/kg

Julie and Jeremy Shaw, JS Grazing, Double J, Injune, watched their family’s Angus-cross steers sell to 408c/kg and 402c/kg for 315kg to return $1270/head at Roma’s Store Sale on Tuesday. Picture: Martin Bunyard

Julie and Jeremy Shaw, JS Grazing, Double J, Injune, watched their Angus steers sell to 408c/kg and 402c/kg for 315kg to return $1270/head at Roma on Tuesday. Picture: Martin Bunyard

A total of 10,600 head of cattle were consigned at Roma’s store sale.

Weaners under 220kg topped at 404c/kg and averaged 370c/kg, while weaner steers in the 220-280kg range reached 408c/kg and averaged 373c/kg. Steers in the 280-350kg range reached 402c/kg and averaged 366c/kg, and steers in the 350-400kg range reached 384c/kg and averaged 347c/kg. Feeder steers in the 400-550kg range topping at 365c/kg and averaging 340c/kg.

JS Grazing, Double J, Injune, sold Angus steers to 408c/kg for 247kg to return $1010/head. The Angus heifers sold to 402c for 266kg to return $1072.

A & P Byrne, Pinelands, Injune, sold Angus-cross steers to 402c for 267kg to return $1073.

Alan & Yenda Emery, Mt Beverly, Wallumbilla, sold Angus-cross steers to 402c for 248kg to return $1000.

Edenhope, Roma, sold Angus-cross steers to 400c for 301kg to return $1205.

Scott Martyn, Scotts Nimity, Roma, sold Simmental-cross steers to 398c for 291kg to return $1160.

T & J Sorensen, Beaumont, Injune, sold EU Charolais-cross steers to 397c for 286kg to return $1137.

N Harland & G Humphries, Barradine, Roma, sold Charolais-cross steers to 393c for 221kg to return $871.

N & S Courtice, Ladas Downs, Glenmorgan, sold Angus steers to 392c for 306kg to return $1201.

G & J Bodkin, Bendiboi, Surat, sold Santa-cross steers 390c for 220kg to return $858.

EJ Pampling, Derbyshire Downs, Augathella, sold Angus steers to 389c for 228kg to return $889.

The Boyd family, Kia Ora, Injune, sold Charolais steers to 388c for 298kg to return $1159.

The Harland family, Glenolive, Injune, sold Santa-cross steers to 384c for 360kg to return $1383. The Santa-cross heifers sold to 350c for 307kg to return $1075.

M & M Bright, Karoola Park, Roma, sold Angus-cross steers to 384c for 270kg to return $1039.

Bethungra Trust, Bethungra, Condamine, sold Angus steers to 376c for 364kg to return $1369.

W & M Bryant, Blue Hills, Roma, sold Simbrah-cross steers to 376c for 346kg to return $1303.

G, L, & J Smith, Iona, Wallumbilla, sold Murray Grey-cross steers to 373c for 349kg to return $1303.

DC Diamond Pastoral Co, Strathmore, Dulacca, sold Santa-cross steers to 358c for 383kg to return $1372.

D & D Sutton, Freshfields, Roma, sold Charolais-cross steers to 353c for 555kg to return $1960.

B J Taylor & Sons, Marjundale, Injune, sold Charolais-cross steers to 352c for 454kg to return $1599.

Roslin Grazing Co, Roslin, Mungallala, sold Brahman-cross steers to 345c for 439kg to return $1517.

Heifers in the 350-450kg range reached 353c/kg and averaged 323c/kg. Heifers in the 280-350kg range topped at 390c/kg and averaged 335c/kg. Heifers in the 220-280kg range topped at 402c/kg and averaged 340c/kg, while heifers under 220kg topped at 352c/kg and averaged 328c/kg.

Yarrawonga Cattle Co, Yarrawonga, Wallumbilla, sold Charolais heifers to 353c for 386kg to return $1366.

Macrae Family, Dalkeith, Jackson, sold Angus heifers to 352c for 194kg to return $685.

W & K Freeman, Meeleebee Downs, Wallumbilla, sold Santa-cross heifers to 351c for 306kg to return $1077.

Neven Grazing Co, Mt Beagle, Roma, sold Simmental-cross heifers to 350c for 388kg return $1359.

Burey Family Trust, Maree Downs, Amby, sold Santa-cross heifers to 346c for 349kg to return $1210.

Moore Agriculture, Strathfield Station, McKinlay, sold Brangus-cross heifers to 336c for 299kg to return $1005.

J & S Nichol, Ridgewell, Roma, sold Angus-cross heifers to 336c for 240kg to return $806.

Cows over 500kg sold to 284c/kg and averaged 267c/kg, while cows 400-500kg topped at reached 278c/kg and averaged 247c/kg. Cows in the 300-400kg sold to 260c/kg and averaged 217c/kg.

Cows and calves sold to $1500 and averaged $992/unit.

Bulls up to 400kg reached 362c/kg and averaged 287c/kg.



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