Roma store 16 May 2017: Quality and prices lift

Beef Central, 17/05/2017

Yarding 7357 Change 612

There was a yarding of 7,357 head today at Roma Store sale, up 600 head on last week.

Quality was superior and the market was stronger than the recent previous weeks. All buyers were present and operating with additional buyers from the south chasing quality feeder cattle who purchased an exceptional run of black EU weaners headed for South Australia to be finished.

Steers under 280kg made to a top of 454.2c and averaged 373c/kg. Steers in the 280-330kg range reached a top of 388.2c and averaged 360c/kg. Steers weighing 350-400kg made to 357.2c and averaged 327c/kg.

Grown steers averaged 265c and reached a top of 290c/kg. Young bulls made to a top of 400.2c to average 325c/kg. Grown heifers made to a top of 281.2c and averaged 262c/kg. Cows with sizeable calves at foot sold to a top of $1,900/unit.

Weekly Roma store press report

A total of 7,357 head of cattle were consigned at Roma’s Store Sale on Tuesday.
Weaner steers under 220kg topped at 454c/kg and averaged 400c/kg, and weaner steers in the 220-280kg range also reached 454c/kg and averaged 377c/kg. Steers in the 280-350kg range reached 388c/kg and averaged 355c/kg, and steers in the 350-400kg range reached 357c/kg and averaged 316c/kg. Feeder steers in the 400- 550kg range topping at 338c/kg and averaging 301c/kg.
RH, MR & FL Miller – ‘North Kooringa’, Roma – sold Angus steers for 454c/kg at 256kg returning $1164/head. The Shorthorn-cross steers went for 408c/kg at 251kg returning $1028/head. And the Angus heifers sold at 376c/kg for 201kg returning to $756/head.
R & R Murphy – ‘Prairie Flats’, Charleville – sold Charolais steers at 436c/kg for 210kg returning to $919/head. The Santa heifers sold for 350c/kg at 210kg returning $735/head.
Moyallen Pastoral Co – ‘Moyallen’, Morven – sold Angus-cross steers for 408c/kg at 195kg returning $798/head. The Charolais-cross steers sold for 396c/kg at 222kg returning $882/head. And the Angus-cross heifers went for 372c/kg at 167kg returning $624/head.
N Simmons – ‘Langley’, Dulacca – sold Droughtmaster steers for 404c/kg at 261kg returning to $1058/head. The Droughtmaster-cross heifers went for 346c/kg at 190kg returning $658/head.
PA Campbell – ‘Prarievale’, Augathella – sold Santa-cross steers for 400c/kg at 279kg returning $1119/head. The Hereford-cross steers went for 376c/kg at 256kg returning $965/head. The Santa-cross heifers sold at 340c/kg for 246kg returning to $838/head.
Derbyshire Downs Pastoral Co – ‘Derbyshire Downs’, Augathella – sold Charolais- cross steers for 395c/kg at 231kg returning $913/head. The Charolais-cross heifers sold for 344c/kg at 233kg returning $802/head.
PJ & WM Taylor T/A Layershire P/L – ‘Warida’, Mungallala – sold Charolais-cross steers for 394c/kg at 213kg returning $842/head. The Angus-cross steers sold for 378c/kg at 233kg returning $882/head. And the Angus-cross heifers went for 370c/kg at 182kg returning to $674/head.
BJ Hindle – ‘Larnook’, Mungallala – sold Charolais steers for 390c/kg at 215kg returning $841/head. The Charolais heifers sold for 348c/kg at 210kg returning to $733/head.
Lowan Hills Pastoral Co – ‘Lowan Hills’, Mitchell – sold Santa steers for 388c/kg at 329kg returning $1277/head. The Santa heifers went for 340c/kg at 289kg returning $984/head.
JEN & JM Bell – ‘Kinnoul’, Taroom – sold Santa steers for 376c/kg at 341kg returning $1283/head.
D & K Twist – ‘Juandah Downs’, Mungallala – sold Charolais-cross steers for 376c/kg at 230kg returning $868/head.
DJ & SN Lyons – ‘Cooba’, Surat – sold Angus steers for 352c/kg at 346kg returning $1221/head. The Charolais-cross heifers sold for 332c/kg at 253kg returning $840/head.
BW & EA Godfrey – ‘Lanifer Station’, Winton – sold Charolais steers for 350c/kg at 346kg returning $1211/head. The Charolais-cross heifers sold for 318c/kg at 390kg returning $1242/head.
M & D Green – ‘Always Greener’, Roma – sold Angus steers for 322c/kg at 463kg returning $1494/head.
Heifers under 220kg topped at 398c/kg and averaged 357c/kg, while heifers in the 220 – 280kg range topped at 376c/kg and averaged 331c/kg. Heifers in the 280- 350kg range topped at 360c/kg, averaging 309c/kg. Heifers in the 350-450kg range topped at 322c/kg and averaged 294c/kg.
Chrichton Pastoral Co – ‘Ivanhoe Downs’, Morven – sold Charolais-cross heifers for 398c/kg at 142kg returning to $568/head.
Eternity Grazing Partnership – ‘Tyrone’, Charleville – sold Brahman-cross heifers for 360c/kg at 154kg returning $557/head. The Droughtmaster heifers sold at 328c/kg for 235kg returning $774/head.
CT & JV Varidel – ‘Carisbrooke’, Yuleba – sold Angus heifers for 360c/kg at 277kg returning $997/head.
R & R Knudsen – ‘Illuka’, Taroom – sold Santa heifers for 358c/kg at 254kg returning $911/head.
Lyndale Grazing – ‘Lyndale’, Roma – sold Angus heifers for 347c/kg at 241kg returning $838/head.
BA Walker – ‘The Farm’, Roma – sold Charolais-cross heifers for 344c/kg at 246kg returning to $849/head.
Ridgelands Grazing Co – ‘Ridgelands’, Injune – sold Charolais-cross heifers for 322c/kg at 353kg returning $1138/head.

Source: NLRS, Roma Saleyards


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