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Murray Arnel: Prices surge in smaller Ballarat yarding

Murray Arnel, 22/07/2019


1300 head

STEERS: 450-500KG $1640-$1730, AV 344C/KG; 360-450KG $1250-$1470, AV 342C/KG; 280-360KG: $960-$1270, AV 356C/KG; 200-280KG: $780-$970, AV 360C/KG.

HEIFERS: +360KG $1050-$1540, AV 306C/KG; 280-360KG; $800-$1100, AV 304C/KG; 200-280KG: $820-$900, AV 315C/KG.


Video interview with with auctioneer Tom Madden, TB White and Sons click below

Video of Murray Arnel’s livestream from Ballarat sale click below


Prices bid for feeder and restocker cattle returned to the levels of last winter at this month’s Ballarat store cattle sale.

Offering the centre’s smallest yarding for a number of years – 1254 head were penned –   the regular group of supporting lot feeders competed keenly at rates between 335 to 356c/kg liveweight for steers for immediately feedlot entry, and up to 375c/kg for those a slightly lighter (320-350kg) that would normally require more growing time in the paddock.

Taking the greatest lift were well bred, lighter weight young heifers that surged in value by as much as $150 a head.

This saw some of these lighter weaner heifers (260-280kg) attract bids from $800 to $900 a head, most calculating out in excess of 300 cents a kilogram liveweight.

Limousin cross-breeder Stephen Smith reduced numbers from his Western Victorian property at Stawell due to the condition selling a yard of heifers, 384kg, at $1150.

Auctioneer, Graeme Nicholson, Elders, said the prices obtained for the larger line of well-bred young heifers were at least $150 a head higher than the centre’s month-earlier June sale.

“It was a big lift for this class but it was also a long time since less than 2000 have been offered in a monthly Ballarat store market,” Mr Nicholson said.

“It could be at least six or seven years, however, it must be remembered the areas to the south west of Ballarat are very wet, and some vendors who had ideas of selling in this market were not able because of the conditions” he said.

TB White & Sons’, Tom Madden told Beef Central the cattle that were penned were of good quality.

The line-up of heavier cattle he said suited the feeders and as a consequence plenty of the steer sales due bids beyond 350c/kg while heifer consistently made 310-320c/kg.

That regime of prices he said flowed across all weight ranges, and there was little or no discrimination for colour.

Landmark auctioneer, Paul Constable sold these B&R Askew Angus heifers, 459kg, for $1410 a head.

Mr Madden said it became apparent during the auction that buying was being conducted more so on a dollar per head basis than the normal c/kg rates.

In the heavier grown steer section he said there plenty of sales made between $1400 and $1600, and up to $1730 a head for heaviest at 500kg. And in the weaner section everyone seemed geared to start their bids at $1200 for the heavier weaner drafts, and $1000 for the lighter pens irrespective of the weights.

Benefitting from the lift in buying intensity and in a steer sale that lasted less than 40 minutes, Smythes Creek vendor, Hillcrest sold 19 Angus steers, 499kg, at the market top of $1730.

B & R Askew sold a pen of five Angus, 518kg at $1720 while BJ & RP and GJ O’Brien then sold four Angus, 468kg, at $1640.

Changing colour, DMC Partnership sold 10 Hereford steers, 439kg, at $1470 while Inveral Farms sold a yard of 23 Hereford, 374kg, at $1280.

As the colour returned black, DE Trengove sold 11 Angus, 334kg, at $1250, Mawallok Pastoral cleared a yard of 10 Angus, 334kg at $1210 while vendor Braemanya sold 16 Angus, 383kg at $1370.

Lot feeder buyer, Alistair Nelson, Colac and John Daffey, Beeac kept a close eye on sales.

GA Crick and Co, offered and sold at $1270 a yard of 20 Angus, 341kg while C & G Hutton received the same money ($1270) for a yard of 13 Angus, 360kg.

Springlake Farming was also well awarded with the sale of 13 Angus-Hereford, 340kg, sold at $1250.

A large draft of light steers involved the sale of 26 Angus, 294kg, sold at $1000 for B&R Askew while Springdallah sold 11 Angus, 31

1kg at $1130 and another yard of Braemanya Angus steers, 313kg, made $1120.

Restocker buyers, principally from the north of Ballarat where conditions are not nearly as wet, then set the eyes upon the pens of lighter unweighed steers.

Prices paid for these lighter weaners ranged mostly from $800 to $990 for drafts assessed from 200 to 270kg which resulted in many with a $4/kg outcome.

The market for unjoined heifers also held a full head of steam.

Vendor, A Killenbeck sold a yard of nine Angus, 489kg, at $1540 while a yard of 12 Angus, 459kg made $1410 for B&R Askew.

A second pen of Askew Angus, 422kg, was sold at $1330 while seven Mawallok Angus, 354kg made $1100.

Mt Mercer cattlemen Ian Wylie and Joe Argento would have liked to have sold in the July market but conditions were too wet to get their cattle out.

In heifer sales other than black A&M Boatman sold 15 Hereford, 342kg, at $1010 while a yard of 17 Murray Grey, 310kg, made $990 for vendor, Andretto.

Sales of weaner heifers featured a yard of 18 Braemanya Angus, 363kg, sold at $1100, Springlake Farming sold 14 Angus, 345kg, at $1100 while GA Crick & Co, cleared 21 Angus, 338kg, sold at $1080.

Also lightening off numbers due to the wet conditions, vendor Stephen Smith of Stawell sold a yard of 10 Limousin-cross heifers, 384kg at $1150.

A modest selection of breeding females saw prices unable to trek the sharply improved values of recent slaughter rises.

GR Andreson sold yards of Angus and Hereford Friesian-cross cows, PTIC to Limousin bulls for a September calving for $1070 while vendor Andretto, sold yards of light-in-condition Angus-Hereford cows, PTIC to Angus bulls also for a September calving for $890 and $910.

Also caught out by the extreme wet conditions vendor, Pemat sold three yards of Angus cows, Langi Kal Kal-blood, redeapstured to LKK bulls and with 100% of autumn-born LKK calves at foot, for $1480, $1260 and $1260 while A & HA Richards secured a market top of $1710 for a yard of eight Angus cows, PTIC, with autumn-born Angus calves at foot.






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