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Feedlots lift rates at Ballarat

Murray Arnel, 24/05/2021


Yarded: 4206

EYCI: 899c/kg

Feeder steer rating: -7pts

Steers: 500-650kg: $2250-$2700, av 443c/kg: 360-500kg $1840-$2420av 496c/kg; 280-360kg $1490-$1920, av 534c/kg; 200-300kg $1300-$1750, av 613c/kg

Heifers: 360-500kg: $1710-$2160, av 451c/kg; 280-360kg $1480-$1780, av 499/kg; 200-280kg: $1460-$1580, av 563c/kg

Rodney Alexander and son Darcy sold Angus cows and calves and pregnant Angus heifers in the Ballarat sale.


A BEEF Central analysis of the prices paid at the Ballarat monthly store cattle sale has revealed large-scale feedlot operators have once again leant heavily on the central Victorian market, raising bids by a further 15 cents a kilogram or $50-$80 a head compared to the centre’s month earlier sale.

Competing across a total yarding of 4200, feedlot buyers as well as occasional processor orders forked out an average of 443c/kg and up to $2700 a head for pens that exceeded 500 kilograms liveweight while averaging 496c/kg or around $2080/head across the pens weighed between 360 kilograms and 500kg live.

The surge in feeder and heavier grown steer prices were equally distributed across to all breeds and colours, and was extended also the heifer yarding where prices averaged 468c/kg for suitable lots that were weighed above 360 kilograms live.

Ballarat beef group member, John Fish, MtWallace with his Weatherby Downs Angus steer weaners that made to $1790

The yarding which was increased by 1600 on the previous month was not as well supplied with heavier grown cattle with more lines of spring-drop weaner making up the balance.

Auctioneer Graeme Nicholson, Elders called the result as very strong with mixed lots displaying an easier trend.

“Ï do emphasisE the “mixed” lots were the only sales that were cheaper as the straight lines of cattle have all returned very similar and, in places, better results” he said.

As an example, he said Elders had several clients who sold similar lines of Angus steers in both this and also the previous sale, and all have made very similar money.

When the sale progressed on the weaner lines and especially the spring-drop weaners Mr Nicholson said the sale went really, really well, especially in large drafts that offered 30’s, 40s and even up to 60 head in their lot that made up to 600c/kg for weights around the 270- 300kg mark.

Mr Nicholson said that local buying appeared more receptive to re-entering the market at these current higher rates orders from afar, from central and northern NSW were also keen buyers but possibly not quite as strong as previously.

Watch Beef Central’s recorded interview with Graeme Nicholson as the sale drew to a conclusion:

Click here to watch video interview with Graeme Nicholson

In the opening pen of the sale, vendor JR & LK Allen sold 11 Angus steers, 613kg, at $2580 a head or 420kg while repeat vendor Warrnambool Ag sold a pen of 22 Angus, 539 at $2500 or 463c/kg live.

A second yard of 32 Warrnambool Ag steers, 514kg, made $2450 to realize 476c/kg while vendor Bullaharre sold 21 Angus, 508kg at $2400 or 472c/kg.

MC & CA Wagga were also rewarded sellers in the opening lane of the sale clearing a pen of 24 Angus, 510kg, at $2460 for 482c/kg, similarly R Hayes sold a yard of 26 Angus, 470kg, at $2280 to realise 485c/kg.

Nutrien Ballan representative Tony Shanahan and Myrniong client Louise Abbey were all smiles after paying $1650 for Angus steer weaners to grow out to feeder weights

A change in breed and colour among the heavy weight pens was not a deterrent.

Vendor Bullaharre sold a pen of 20 Charolais steers, 669kg at $2580 (385c/kg) while H Bufe sold a yard of 14 Hereford steers, 567kg, at $2350 or 414c/kg.

The market’s top priced pen was sold on a processor bid placed at $2700. This was a yard of four Angus from W&R Stewart weighed at 586kg and realised 460c/kg. While the same processor shelled out prices of $2640 and $2660 for yards of seven Angus-Hereford and 10 Angus that realised 416c/kg and 427c/kg respectively.

The former of these two sales was offered by Arch Pastoral and the latter by JP Walsh.

Ballan livestock carriers Des and Danny Conroy were also happy vendors of Angus weaners sold At $1740 for a yard of 31, 311kg.

Feedlot operators, Thomas Foods, SA and Teys Australia, Charlton, Vic were at the forefront of the feeder demand which saw F&K Eldridge receive a price of $2270 or 478c/kg for a yard of 22 Angus, 474kg, while a second pen from the Eldridge draft – 15 Angus, 479kg made $2250.

Vendor Ashgrove, Winslow, sold a large yard of 64 Angus, 411kg, that $2150 for 516c/kg while E&A Stephens and Sons, sold 14 Angus, 423kg at 491kg.

Tiarna Angus and GA Crick and Sons each sold pens slightly below 400kg for results slightly above the $5/kg mark, with the former collecting $2050 for 20 Angus, 397kg while the latter received $2000 for 25 Angus weighed at 394kg.

Other vendors to collect feeder money at these rates included: Sunnydale- 25 Hereford/Angus steers, 391kg, sold at $1980 while Wardor Run sold a yard of 16 Angus, 355kg, at $1850.

Luke Mullane, Ballan sold LKK-blood Weavers at $1700 and $1650 in Ballarat’s May sale

A number of large draft of steer weaners became the focus of local Geelong, Gippsland and interstate restockers keen to fill paddock before the winter.

A Bells Run line of 24 Angus, 318kg, made $1780 a head or 559c/kg, Carween sold 31 Angus, 311kg, at $1740 while The Point sold 28 Angus, 290kg at $1690 or 583c/kg.

A large pen of 26 Corongamite Park Red Angus steers, 317kg, aged 8-9 months were also well received. These were sold at $1640 while Rodney Stin sold 12 Red Angus, 336kg at $1720.







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