Dalby sale 30 June 2021: All descriptions firm to dearer

James Nason, 01/07/2021


Yarding 2638 Change -319

Numbers reduced at Dalby by 319 head down to 2,638 for the last sale for the financial year.

Cattle were drawn from the local supply area as well as far western districts.

Buyer attendance was good, however one major export processor remains absent from the buying panel.

The regular feed and trade buyers, plus a large number of restockers were present and active in the market.

Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock averaged 14c/kg better.

A lift in the standard, plus a stronger demand, improved average prices for yearling steers to feed for the domestic market by up to 26c/kg.

Heavy weight yearling steers to feed experienced only quality related price changes.

Light weight yearling heifers returning to the paddock or background averaged 7c to 16c/kg better.

Yearling heifers to feed improved in price by 7c to 18c/kg.

A fair sample of bullocks to export processors sold to a dearer trend. A lift in the quality penned, plus improved competition increased average prices for good heavy weight cows by 7c/kg.

Yearling steers under 200kg returning to the paddock made to a top of 698c to average 586c/kg.

Yearling steers under 280kg made to 653c with a large sample averaging 568c/kg.

Yearling steers to feed for the domestic market made to the occasional 558c, with a large consignment from the far west making to 530c, with the largest numbers averaging 498c/kg.

Heavy weight yearling steers to feed also made to 530c to average 459c/kg.

Light weight yearling heifers returning to the paddock made to 582 to average 493c/kg. Yearling heifers to feed made to 498c to average from 461c to 472c/kg. Heavy weight yearling heifers to feed and the trade made to 420c/kg.

A small selection of heavy grown steers to export processors made to 398c to average 383c/kg.

The occasional bullock made to 380c, with a fair sample averaging 367c/kg. Plain conditioned medium weight PTIC cows made to 396c, however the remainder of the cows returning to the paddock averaged 301c/kg.

Good heavy weight cows to export processors made to 318c with a large sample averaging 305c/kg.

Heavy weight bulls made to a top of 318c/kg.

Market Reporter: Trevor Hess

To view full NLRS report click here

Grant Daniel Long report

Today saw a reduced yarding by 300 head from last week. The market in all categories was dearer by 5 to 26c, with some good lines of heavy feeder steers, yearling and lighter steers.

Prime Quotes
Heifers up to 400kg – Lowest 418c/kg, highest 420c/kg, Av 418.5c/kg
Heifers over 400kg – Lowest  324c/kg, highest  350c/kg, Av 331.4c/kg
Cows up to 400kg – Lowest 262c/kg, highest  276c/kg, Av 265c/kg
Cows 400kg to 500kg – Lowest  294c/kg, highest  303c/kg, Av 302.2c/kg
Cows over 500kg – Lowest   295c/kg, highest  318c/kg, Av 305c/kg
Steers & bullocks up to 500kg – Lowest  367c/kg, highest  398c/kg, Av 382.9c/kg
Steers & bullocks over 500kg  – Lowest  363.2c/kg, highest 372c/kg, Av 367.3c/kg

Store & Feeder Quotes
Steers up to 200kg – Lowest  548c/kg, highest 698.2c/kg, Av 586c/kg
Steers 200kg to 280kg – Lowest  460c/kg, highest 653c/kg, Av 568.3c/kg
Steers 280kg to 330kg – Lowest 480c/kg, highest 558c/kg, Av 525.5c/kg
Steers 330kg to 400kg – Lowest 432c/kg, highest 530.2c/kg, Av 497.9c/kg
Feeder steers over 400kg – Lowest  413c/kg, highest  530.2c/kg, Av 459.1c/kg
Heifers up to 200kg – Lowest 482c/kg, highest  578c/kg, Av 565.8c/kg
Heifers 200kg to 280kg – Lowest 440c/kg, highest  580c/kg, Av 493.5c/kg
Heifers 280kg to 330kg – Lowest  440c/kg, highest 498c/kg, Av 471.8c/kg
Heifers 330kg to 400kg – Lowest  416c/kg, highest 470c/kg, Av 461c/kg
Feeder heifers over 400kg – Lowest  392c/kg, highest  420c/kg, Av 411.7c/kg
Feeder/Boat Bulls – Lowest  382c/kg, highest  418c/kg, Av  408.5c/kg
Slaughter Bulls – Lowest  280c/kg, highest  318c/kg, Av  294.5c/kg


Brahman X Bulls sold by GM Bidgood Farming of Peranga to feedlotters 412.2c/kg, 510kg, $2,102.

Santa Cows sold by EA Cameron of Moonie to processors 296.2c/kg, 680kg, $2,014.

Droughtmaster X Steers sold by M & L Burke Farming Pty Ltd of Westmar to restockers 479.2c/kg, 435kg, $2,086.

Charolais X Steers sold by CW, EM & LM Hartwig of Wandoan to processors 371.2c/kg, 675kg, $2,505.

Charolais Heifers sold by JE & CS Kennedy of Kingaroy to feedlotters 420.2c/kg, 514kg, $2,159.

Charolais X Ylg Steers sold by KT & PL Meagher of Kingaroy to restockers 592.2c/kg, 251kg, $1,489.

Santa Ylg Steers sold by DR & PL Cameron of Moonie to restockers 546.2c/kg, 330kg, $1,804.

Angus X Ylg Heifers sold by TJ & CS Allen of Dalby to feedlotters 478.2c/kg, 333kg, $1,592.

Sources: NLRS, Grant Daniel Long, Eastern Rural


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