Dalby sale 18 Jan 2017: Bigger yarding meets strong market

Beef Central, 19/01/2017



Yarding 3918 Change 487

The supply of stock increased by 18pc and there was a good mix of young cattle and a relatively small selection of heavy grown steers and bullocks and a good sample of cows.

The regular buyers were in attendance and operating across all classes. Restockers were once again very active in the market and lifted average prices on light weight yearling steers by 7c/kg. Feeder buyers provided stronger competition on medium and heavy weight yearling steers and lifted prices by 8c to 10c/kg. A lift in the quality of the heavy grown steers and bullocks improved average prices by 10c to 15c/kg. Cows generally sold to a firm market to remain very close to the previous week’s level.

Steer calves returning to the paddock made to 437.2c with mixed sex calves averaging 408c/kg. Restockers were able to absorb the large number of light weight yearling steers and paid to 411.2c with most around 386c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged 361c and made to 376.2c/kg. A good sample of heavy weights made to 352.2c to average 344c/kg. Restockers purchased the vast majority of the light weight yearling heifers at an average of 340c with sales to 358.2c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged close to 327c and made to 335.2c/kg.

Heavy grown steers to export slaughter made to a top of 321.2c to average 309c/kg. The Bullock portion averaged close to 299c and made to 309.2c/kg. A small sample of medium weight 2 score cows averaged 229c while the best of the medium weights averaged 244c and made to 249.2c/kg. Good heavy cows were in the largest numbers and made to 255c to average 246c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 286.2c to return $3,052/head.

Sale results provided by Grant Daniel Long:

From St George: Angus cross feeder yearling bulls 332.2c, 399kg, average $1326.
Brahman cross cows to processors, 255.2c, 547kg, average $1397.
Hereford feeder heifers MT 2T, 290c, 323kg, average $937.

Angus cross steers from Miles to restockers 402.2c, 263kg, average $1057.

Murray Grey cross steers from Miles to restockers 400c, 287kg, average $1148.

From Taroom: Santa bull to processors 248.2c, 895kg, average $2221.
Charolais cross cows to processors 240c, 571kg, average $1371.
Santa cross cows to restockers 239.2c, 467kg, average $1118.
Brahman cross cows to restockers 239.2c, 501kg, average $1198
Santa cross yearling bulls to restockers 404.2c, 122kg, average $495.
Santa cross yearling bulls to restockers 404.2c 206kg average $835.
Santa cross heifers to restockers 400.2c 177kg average $712.

Brahman cows from Pittsworth to processors 230c, 422kg, average $970.

Santa bull from Taroom to processors 255.2c, 735kg, average $1875.
Santa cross cows to processors 243.2c, 537kg, average $1307.

Charolais cross feeder steers MT 2T 326.2c 517kg average $1686.
Angus feeder steers 320c 505kg average $1616.

Droughtmaster steers from Bell to restockers 406c 272kg average $1104.
Droughtmaster heifers to restockers 373c, 255kg, average $841.

Santa cross feeder steers MT 2T from St George 340.2c, 455kg, average $1549.

Charolais cross cows from The Gums to processors 242.2c, 509kg, average $1234.
Droughtmaster cross cows 244.2c, 437kg, average $1068.

Santa cows to restockers from Ducklo, 240c, 360kg, average $864.
Red Angus Store cows to restockers from Ducklo, 221.2c, 455kg, average $1008.

Droughtmaster cross feeder steers MT 2T from Peranga, 308.2c, 515kg, average $1589.
Droughtmaster cross heifers to processors 345.2c, 249kg, average $861.

Client of Irvingdale sold Charolais cross heifers, 320c, 367kg, average $1174.
Droughtmaster cross heifers 304.2c, 359kg, average $1093.

Charolais heifers from Durong, 341.2c, 318kg, average $1086.

Client of Wandoan sold Simmental cross cows 248.2c, 641kg, average $1592
Angus cross steers 344.2c, 430kg, average  $1480.


Source: NLRS, Eastern Rural (Video), Grant Daniel Long (Report)



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