Dalby Prime Sale 15 May 2019: Cows dominate yarding

Beef Central, 16/05/2019

Video market report from Ray White Eastern Rural’s Wyatt Wrigley

Yarding 7129 Change 1240

Cows were in the largest numbers, with over 2000 head penned.

Buyer attendance was good, with the return of a local export processor into the market.

However, prices eased across most classes, with bulls the only exception.

Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock averaged 27c/kg less. Medium weight yearling steers to feed eased a similar amount, and a variation in quality resulted in heavy weights to feed, averaging 8c/kg cheaper. Light weight yearling heifers to restockers or background averaged 33c/kg less. Medium and heavy weight yearling heifers to feed averaged approximately 20c to 30c/kg cheaper. All classes of cows sold to a much cheaper trend, with decreases of 22c to 37c/kg fairly common.

Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock mainly sold close to 240c, with the occasional sale to 284.2c/kg. Medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged 263c, with sales to 294.2c/kg. Heavy weight yearling steers to feed also made to the occasional 294.2c, with the largest numbers close to 279c/kg. Light weight yearling heifers averaged 186c and made to 214.2c, with the poor quality lines making 138c/kg. The largest numbers of medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 228c, with the better quality lines reaching 262.2c to average 243c/kg. Heavy weight yearling heifers to processors made to 259.2c to average 230c/kg. Heavy grown steers averaged 276c, and a relatively small sample of bullocks made to 290.2c to average 282c/kg.

Medium weight poor condition cows returning to the paddock averaged 140c, and the better 2 scores to processors averaged 160c and made to 175c/kg. Good heavy cows were in the largest numbers and averaged 199c, with the occasional sale to 215.2c/kg. Heavy bulls made to 278.2c/kg.

To view full NLRS report click here

Grant Daniel Long report:

The 7129 head yarded had an impact on the market.  A large yarding of 2000 cows saw the cow market struggle, prices were down by 20-30 cents. GDL sourced cattle from Meandarra, Kingaroy, Wandoan and the local area.

Prime Quotes
Heifers up to 400kg – Lowest 160.2c/kg, highest 262.2c/kg, Av 211.2c/kg
Heifers over 400kg – Lowest 200c/kg, highest  259.2c/kg, Av 231.2c/kg
Cows up to 400kg – Lowest 30c/kg, highest 142.2c/kg, Av 111.2c/kg
Cows 400kg to 500kg – Lowest 70c/kg, highest 188.2c/kg, Av 141.2c/kg
Cows over 500kg – Lowest 160.2c/kg, highest 196.2c/kg, Av 171.2c/kg
Steers & bullocks – Lowest 160.2c/kg, highest 267.2c/kg, Av 230.2c/kg
Steers & bullocks – Lowest 180.2c/kg, highest 273.2c/kg, Av 257.2c/kg

Store & Feeder Quotes
Steers 200kg to 280kg – Lowest 160.2c/kg, highest 284.2c/kg, Av 198.2c/kg
Steers 280kg to 400kg – Lowest 182.2c/kg, highest 294.2c/kg, Av 263.2c/kg
Feeder steers 400kg+ – Lowest 240.2c/kg, highest 294.2c/kg, Av 273.2c/kg
Heifers 200kg to 320kg – Lowest 110.2c/kg, highest 214.2c/kg, Av 206.4c/kg
Heifers 320kg to 370kg – Lowest 160.2c/kg, highest 240c/kg, Av 211.5c/kg
Feeder heifers over 370kg – Lowest 200c/kg, highest 259.2c/kg, Av 224.6c/kg


Charolais X cows sold by Daff/Tick Fever Centre of Dalby to processors 203.2c, 709kg, $1441
Braford bulls sold by McNamara Investment Trust of Bell to exporters 278.2c, 711kg, $1979
Droughtmaster feeder bulls sold by J Wenham of Meandarra to exporters 288.2c, 435kg, $1253
Young Hereford bullocks sold by Staines Partnership of Wandoan to processors 264.2c, 550g, $1454
Limousin X heifers sold by Dalby State High School Bunya Campus of Dalby to processors 251.2c, 600kg, $1507
Charolais X feeder steers sold by A Keith & Co of Jandowae to feedlotters 290c, 410kg, $1190
Charolais feeder heifers sold by A Keith & Co of Jandowae to feedlotters 256.2c, 379kg, $971

Sources: NLRS, Grant Daniel Long, Ray White Eastern Rural


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