AuctionsPlus numbers ease, as cows & calves remain in high demand

Beef Central, 22/11/2020

This line of 100 Angus backgrounder steers 13-15 months averaging 337kg from Walcha NSW, returned 522c/kg this week, selling to a local bidder.

PRICES remained strong across breeder categories and for heavier weight weaners and yearlings on AuctionsPlus this week, where numbers offered eased about 13 percent to 20,240 head.

Southern Queensland was the largest listing region again, offering 3452 head, followed by NW Slopes & Plains and Northern Tablelands of NSW with 1885 head and 1625 head respectively.

Purchasing was dominated by the same trio of regions, with the NW Slopes & Plains securing 1704 head.

Cows and calf units continue to receive strong attention, with prices between $2280/head and $4050/head, averaging $2947/head, up $39 from last week. Top price was achieved by two lots of EU accredited station-mated Angus cows and calves from Dunedoo NSW, which will head south to Orange NSW. One line of cows was 38-40 months-old with Te Mania bloodlines, while the other was a 4-5 years with Rennylea bloodlines. Both lines had calves at foot 3-5 months, averaging 206kg and sired by Registered Wagyu.

PTIC cows also followed the dearer market trend, selling from $1770 to $2850/head, to average $2083/head, up $127. From Walcha NSW, a line of 20 EU accredited two-year-old Angus PTIC cows topped the category, and will travel to nearby Tamworth.

PTIC heifers went against the trend, easing $238/head, to average $2110/head, with prices from $1550 to $2810/head. Top price was claimed by a line of 15 Angus PTIC heifers of Riga and Glendaloch Pastoral blood from Yea, Victoria. The heifers were 19-20 months averaging 489kg and are headed to Bendigo.

Young cattle

Weaner and yearling heifers accounted for 30pc of the weekly catalogue, with 6213 head offered. Despite being met with softer demand, prices remained robust. Light heifers averaging less than 200kg sold from 420c to 586c/kg, averaging 527c – steady on last week’s prices. Top price went to a line of 107 Brahman and Brahman cross heifer calves from Merriwa NSW. The lightweight calves were 2-6 months averaging 129kg and are headed to nearby Scone, NSW.

Heifers 200-280kg increased in price by 29c on average, selling between 434c/kg and 557c/kg, to average 502c/kg. From Roma, Queensland, a line of 84 Angus x Santa heifers 10-12 months averaging 257kg topped the category, and are heading south into central west NSW.

Heifers 280-330kg sold from 359c to 583c this week, averaging 432c – back 20c on last week. Top price was claimed by a line of 37 Wagyu x Angus F1s from Casterton, Victoria. The heifers were 14-15 months averaging 295kg and were EU accredited.

Feeder heifers 330-400kg were also back this week, relinquishing most of last week’s sharp increase, selling between 389c and 580c, to average 435c – back 93c. Top price went to a line of 20 Wagyu x Angus F1 heifers from Guyra NSW 14-15 months averaging 334kg, and will travel to Tamworth, NSW.

Heavy heifers averaging more than 400kg sold from 386c to 436c, averaging 405c – back 25c from the previous week. From Holbrook NSW, a line of 19 Angus heifers 14-15 months averaging 447kg topped the category, heading to nearby Leeton.

There was just shy of 7000 weaner and yearling steers offered this week, accounting for 35pc of the catalogue. Light steers averaging less than 200kg eased dramatically after last week’s jump, selling between 456c and 633c, to average 508c – back 139c. Top price was achieved by a line of 10 Hereford and Hereford cross steers from Edi Upper, Victoria. The weaned steers were 7-8 months averaging 189kg and are headed across the border to Holbrook, NSW.

Steers 200-280kg sold from 347c to 618c, to average 517c – falling 14c from last week. From Moura Queensland, a line of 12-18 month old Santa and Santa cross steers 208kg topped the category. Like many steers in recent weeks, this line is headed south into northern NSW.

Steers averaging 280-330kg sold from 380c to 585c to average 499c – 20c dearer than last week. Top price was claimed by a line of 30 EU accredited F1 Wagyu x Angus steers 14-15 months averaging 328kg from Casterton, Victoria, which will travel north to Culcairn, NSW.

Feeders steers 330-400kg also increased in price, selling from 419-522c, averaging 6c higher, at 471c/kg. The highest price of the category originated out of Walcha NSW, with a line of 100 Angus steers returning 522c/kg. The backgrounder steers were 13-15 months averaging 337kg and sold to local bidders.

Heavy steers more than 400kg sold from 373-452c, averaging 426c – up 5c on last week. Top price went to a line of 30 Ireland blood Angus steers 13-16 months averaging 400kg from Carabost NSW. The steers are headed south into Victoria.

Tasmania registered another smaller offering this week, with 243 head offered, for a 100pc clearance. Cows and calf units sold from $2380 to $2610, to average $2498.

Top price was claimed by a line of 10 Speckle Park cows and calves from Riana, NW TAS. The cows were 2-5 years averaging 514kg. This line is destined to head over to the mainland to Korumburra, Victoria.

Weaner and yearling steers sold from $1480, to $1880, to average $1657. Top price went to a line of 11 Angus x Hereford steers from Elliot, NW TAS. The backgrounder steers 11-13 months averaging 451kg will travel to Flowerdale, TAS.

Weaner and yearling heifers sold between $1250 and $1460 to average $1390. From Riana, Speckle Park heifers 10-11 months averaging 354kg topped the category.

In a breakdown of young cattle sold this week, by weight range:

Less than 200kg: Steers sold from 456-633c to average 508c, while heifers sold from 420-586c to average 527c

200-280kg: Steers sold from 347-618c to average 517c, while heifers sold from 434-557c, to average 502c.

280-330kg: Steers sold from 380-585c to average 499c, while heifers sold from 359-583c to average 432c.

330-400kg: Steers sold from 419-522c to average 471c, while heifers sold from 389-580c to average 435c.

+400kg: Steers sold from 373-452c to average 426c, while heifers sold from 386-436c to average 405c.


Source: AuctionsPlus





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