Animal ID and monitoring

Trough-mounted EID device reader wins Sheepvention award

Electronic eartag data for Victoria’s recently mandated sheep and goat electronic ID system could soon be captured by readers attached to stock water water troughs in paddocks. The AgMesh start-up, founded by Peter Higgins and Cormac Dolen, won the Sheep and Wool Innovation Award at Sheepvention held near Hamilton, VIC last week, for their Smart Trough…Read More

Jamie Lee Oldfield, August 11, 2018

GPS tracking devices help underpin animal production claims

GPS tracking devices aren’t just revolutionising livestock monitoring and offering up a solution to cattle theft – they’re also delivering guaranteed best practice certifications for consumers. Farming technology company IDS Australasia’s ‘GFARM’ tracker, which works hand-in-hand with livestock management tools to draw on real-time information, is now commercially available to producers…Read More

Beef Central, August 12, 2019

CQUni agtech tested for Argentinean farming systems

CQUniversity researchers are investigating Argentinean beef production systems with a view to opening markets for emerging agtech company, DataMuster…Read More

Beef Central, August 8, 2019

Producers tap into ag innovation at livestock forum

Livestock producers have tapped into new research to improve productivity, profitability and animal welfare on their farms at the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation’s Livestock Forum…Read More

Beef Central, July 30, 2019

Agtech: Cattle sales using immersive technology on the horizon

Immersive technology can be used as a tool to build trust between livestock buyers and sellers, AuctionsPlus chief executive officer Angus Street told a conference in Melbourne on Thursday. AuctionsPlus is planning to hold livestock sales using immersive technology within 12 months, but not initially for commercial sheep or cattle sales…Read More

Terry Sim, July 16, 2019

Immersive technologies allow community members to truly ‘feel farming’

Tim Gentle knows now that people in the broader community want to ‘touch’ agriculture, and he believes immersive technologies like virtual reality are the answer to people truly ‘feeling farming.’..Read More

Terry Sim, July 11, 2019

Immersive Technology shifting community understanding of red meat industry

More than 50,000 people around the country have an improved understanding of Australia red meat production system for Beef and Lamb now thanks to the devleopment of the MLA’s Paddock to Plate virtual reality campaign in 2017…Read More

Beef Central, July 10, 2019

750,000 podcasts – here’s 5 for Aussie cattle producers

To try to make the job of finding relevant content a little easier for you we’ve come up with a list of five podcasts that we think have plenty to interest for Australian cattle producers…Read More

Beef Central, June 28, 2019

10 inaugural AgFrontier regional agtech innovators announced

The inaugural cohort of ten agtech innovators selected for the AgFrontier Regional AgTech Incubator Program, led by the Central Highlands Development Corporation (CHDC) based in Emerald, Queensland, has been announced…Read More

Beef Central, June 21, 2019

Blockchain and agtech can create unexpected jobs in regional Australia

A project to protect producers from food fraud by verifying and promoting the provenance of the region’s beef exports to China turned out to be a source of creative work in the region as well…Read More

Marcus Foth and John (Jock) McQueenie, QUT, June 14, 2019

Ag to explore the potential of virtual and augmented reality technology

From the mining sector to the military, augmented and virtual reality, known as mixed reality, is being used in a range of settings that have the potential to be applied to Australian agriculture from on-farm, through processing and in retail…Read More

Beef Central, June 13, 2019

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