Australia weather forecast

Forecasts for Saturday

Location Forecast Min./Max. Chance of Rain
Clearing shower Clearing shower
15°C / 20°C 50%
Sunny Sunny
13°C / 32°C 5%
Clearing shower Clearing shower
18°C / 28°C 20%
Mostly sunny Mostly sunny
22°C / 34°C 5%
Possible shower Possible shower
24°C / 30°C 60%
Mostly sunny Mostly sunny
10°C / 20°C 30%
Late shower Late shower
26°C / 33°C 70%
Windy with showers Windy with showers
10°C / 13°C 80%
Clearing shower Clearing shower
14°C / 19°C 90%
Possible thunderstorm Possible thunderstorm
15°C / 24°C 90%
Mostly cloudy Mostly cloudy
16°C / 26°C 50%

Wetter season more likely for WA24 Apr

Wetter season more likely for WA

Most of Western Australia appears set for a wetter than normal three months ahead, according to the Bureau of Meteorology’s latest seasonal climate outlook, issued this morning.
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Weekly rainfall wrap, week ending 22 Apr 201423 Apr

Weekly rainfall wrap, week ending 22 Apr 2014

National rainfall for the week to 9am yesterday was recorded in the tropical north, most of eastern Queensland, coastal southeastern Australia, Tasmania and southwest Western Australia.
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BOM rolling out 'next gen' weather site MetEye17 Apr

BOM rolling out 'next gen' weather site MetEye

The next generation of online weather information services, which allows viewers to see forecast conditions and actual weather conditions side by side, has been launched in Queensland ahead of an expected gradual national rollout.
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Today: 0.9283

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Today: 354.25


Eastern Young Cattle Indicator
Last week: 125454


Eastern States, weekly
Today: 456.9


Imported 90CL cow beef price. Landed US, Ac/kg FAS

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