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NVLX Wodonga 19 Sep 2017: Sales soften as numbers rise

Guest Author, 20 September 2017

The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator closed last week 14c down week-on-week and the Wodonga market followed suit. The indicator is trending 194.25c/kg below the same time last year and has dropped more than 20.11c/kg in the last month.

NVLX Wodonga 13 Sep 2017: Erratic trend continues

Guest Author, 14 September 2017

Cattle markets in the past week have been somewhat erratic and NVLX Wodonga experienced the same fluctuating price trends, depending on quality and competition. Agents yarded just over 1200 cattle with numbers similar to the previous market.

NVLX Wodonga 5 Sep 2017: Weaker feedlot and processor competition

Guest Author, 06 September 2017

Cattle prices lost momentum with most categories recording cheaper rates. Weaker feedlot and domestic processor competition across all categories caused a price correction.

NVLX Wodonga 22 Aug 2017: Export market a highlight

Guest Author, 23 August 2017

The highlight of the sale was the export market which was boosted by stronger demand from Thomas Food International. Bullocks rates lifted 7c making from 272-298c to average 294c/kg. Heavy grown steers 500-600kg benefited from stronger domestic competition which helped underpin values. Heavy steers lifted 4c making from 270-300c/kg.

NVLX Wodonga: General trend weaker in variable market

Guest Author, 09 August 2017

The volatile market continued this week, as prices varied amongst categories managing a moderate increase in the export run.

NVLX Wodonga 1 Aug 2017: Prices ease for typical winter offering

Guest Author, 02 August 2017

Cattle prices continued to ease with bidding from processors, feedlots and restockers at lower levels. Uncertainty appeared to slow store buyer demand which in turn eased the pressure on feedlots and domestic processors over light weight categories.

NVLX Wodonga 25 July 2017: Export processor demand eases

Guest Author, 26 July 2017

There were prices falls of 2-4c for trade and export cattle as domestic and export processor demand dropped away from last week’s levels.

NVLX Wodonga 18 July 2017: Shortage pushes prime stock prices higher

Guest Author, 19 July 2017

Vendors were rewarded when domestic processors became the market drivers for well finished trade and some export cattle in order to secure numbers.

NVLX Wodonga 4 July 2017: Trade cattle prices lift

Guest Author, 05 July 2017

It was a dearer market at NVLX Wodonga for trade cattle. Agents yarded just over 1,100 and quality was generally fair to very good, however there was a tail in the offering across lighter weight categories.

NVLX Wodonga 27 June 2017: Young cattle prices kick

Guest Author, 28 June 2017

There were some big price improvements for young cattle this week as numbers remained low at 1,146 at NVLX Wodonga.