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NVLX Wodonga 21 Feb 2017: Varied trends in bigger yarding

Guest Author, 22 February 2017

A mixed quality yarding of cattle at NVLX Wodonga created some varied price trends this week. The market showed gains on some categories, but losses on others in a bigger sized yarding of 1,900

NVLX Wodonga 14 Feb 2017: Slaughter cattle shortage pushes prices higher

Guest Author, 15 February 2017

The seasonal shortage of quality domestic slaughter cattle gave the market an edge this week, with prices improving by up to 11c/kg at NVLX Wodonga on Tuesday.

NVLX Wodonga 7 Feb 2017: Feedlot demand eases back

Guest Author, 08 February 2017

The market seemed to lose some heat, with easier prices trends over most yearling categories.

NVLX Wodonga 31 Jan 2017: Vealers climb 13c

Guest Author, 01 February 2017

Well finished European veal and their crosses regularly sold at 342-378.2c/kg.

NVLX Wodonga 24 Jan 2017: Processor, feedlot demand eases

Guest Author, 25 January 2017

Cattle prices continued to ease in a similar sized yarding of 2,220 at NVLX Wodonga.

NVLX Wodonga 17 Jan 2017: Quality plays role in mixed trends

Guest Author, 18 January 2017

Cattle numbers lifted at NVLX Wodonga to 2200. Beef prices did show mixed trends this week, with quality a factor in some of the cheaper outcomes

NVLX Wodonga 10 Jan 2017: Price spikes for young and export categories

Guest Author, 11 January 2017

The market gathered pace when major export processors were forced to show their hands through way of what rates they could deliver. Bullocks 600kg plus surged 18c, while heavy steers 500-600kg lifted 4c/kg. The better finished steers and bullocks fetched 300-337c, with aged steers selling down to 277c/kg.

NVLX Wodonga sale 20 Dec 2016: Bidding dearer as 2016 draws to close

Guest Author, 20 December 2016

Bidding for young cattle was generally dearer ending the run of softer prices. Vealers were again a highlight with prices hitting 372.6c/kg. The general run of vealers sold from 312c-361c/kg.

NVLX Wodonga 13 Dec 2016: Prime cattle sales sluggish

Guest Author, 14 December 2016

Prime trade cattle sales remained sluggish, as the market struggled to gain momentum leading into the Christmas and New Year break. Bigger yardings and sporadic competition from feedlots and processors were factors in the varied results this week.

NVLX Wodonga 6 Dec 2016: Vendors sell off before Xmas break

Guest Author, 07 December 2016

Numbers climbed to just over 2500 at NVLX Wodonga as vendors sell off before the annual Christmas holiday break.