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NVLX Wodonga 25 July 2017: Export processor demand eases

Guest Author, 26 July 2017

There were prices falls of 2-4c for trade and export cattle as domestic and export processor demand dropped away from last week’s levels.

NVLX Wodonga 18 July 2017: Shortage pushes prime stock prices higher

Guest Author, 19 July 2017

Vendors were rewarded when domestic processors became the market drivers for well finished trade and some export cattle in order to secure numbers.

NVLX Wodonga 4 July 2017: Trade cattle prices lift

Guest Author, 05 July 2017

It was a dearer market at NVLX Wodonga for trade cattle. Agents yarded just over 1,100 and quality was generally fair to very good, however there was a tail in the offering across lighter weight categories.

NVLX Wodonga 27 June 2017: Young cattle prices kick

Guest Author, 28 June 2017

There were some big price improvements for young cattle this week as numbers remained low at 1,146 at NVLX Wodonga.

NVLX Wodonga 20 June 2017: Market feels drying season

Guest Author, 20 June 2017

Losses of 10-30c were recorded as the market felt the pressure from the drying season and poor outlook further into winter

NVLX Wodonga 30 May 2017: Winter conditions erode prices

Guest Author, 31 May 2017

Damp wintery type conditions and subdued competition eroded prices at the top end in a smaller sized yarding of just over 850 cattle at NVLX Wodonga. The market opened cheaper on the back of the mixed quality and weaker demand.

NVLX Wodonga sale 24 May 2017: Prices up in bigger yarding

Guest Author, 24 May 2017

Best presented young slaughter cattle generally sold significantly dearer, while plainer conditioned stock saw rates spike depending on the breed and level of feedlot demand.

NVLX Wodonga 16 May 2017: Rain forecast inspires restockers into action

Guest Author, 17 May 2017

Predictions of rain inspired plenty of restockers into action. Light weight steers to turnout 200-280kg sold at 379-418c to average $1074.

NVLX Wodonga 9 May 2017: Prices ease with condition of yarding

Guest Author, 10 May 2017

Cattle prices reflected the wide variation in the condition of stock being sold at NVLX Wodonga this week, ranging from 10c to 30c cheaper in a smaller offering of 1,200 cattle.

NVLX Wodonga 2 May 2017: Market searching for level

Guest Author, 03 May 2017

The cattle market is still trying to find its level after three weeks with interruption to supply due to Easter and the Anzac public holiday last week. Most categories recorded mixed trends due to the plainer offering.