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SE Asia Report: Indonesian importers being squeezed from all sides

Guest Author, 19 April 2017

Weak demand is increasing the pressure on Indonesian lot feeders with some discounting of slaughter cattle during March to as low as Rp39,500.

Why isn’t Indian buffalo meat bringing down Indonesian beef prices?

James Nason, 10 April 2017

Eight months after Indonesia began importing low-priced frozen Indian buffalo meat, wet market prices have remained stubbornly high at Rp120,000-130,000 throughout. Why aren’t prices coming down?

MLA surveys impact of Indian buffalo meat in Indonesia

James Nason, 03 April 2017

In nine months Indian buffalo meat has grown to claim 20 percent of the Greater Jakarta beef market – but uptake has not been as rapid as we might have thought, market research by MLA suggests.

Indian abattoir crackdown could impact buffalo meat exports

Beef Central, 28 March 2017

Indian buffalo meat exports to Indonesia could be impacted in coming weeks, after a newly elected Hindu Government began cracking down on slaughterhouses in India’s biggest buffalo meat processing state.

SE Asia Report: Indian buffalo impact beginning to moderate

Guest Author, 14 March 2017

There appears to be a general sentiment that the “new” supply and demand equation which includes Indian beef has reached a point where the instability caused by Indian supply has now been factored into the market (after capturing about 50pc of the business) and is no longer a disrupter to current day to day trading.

Heavier weights could take some digesting for Indonesian cattle importers

James Nason, 08 March 2017

Indonesian cattle importers by law feed must feed imported cattle for a minimum of 120 days. How will this work with heavier cattle soon to start arriving?

SE Asia Report: Low-priced Spanish beef adding to flood of supply into Indonesia

Guest Author, 14 February 2017

One of the most interesting observations for January is the discovery of sales of low-priced frozen beef from Spain in Java, which has been selling strongly since arriving in December 2016.

SE Asia Report: Indian buffalo seriously impacting Indo slaughter cattle demand

Guest Author, 18 January 2017

A reduction in annual export sales for 2017 of about 50 percent is starting to sound more like a fair estimate in light of the impact Indian buffalo meat is having on slaughter cattle demand in Indonesia, writes Dr Ross Ainsworth.

Why Aus cattle exports to Indonesia could be set to take a hit in 2017

James Nason, 16 January 2017

Usually at this time of year Australia’s northern cattle industry is eagerly awaiting news of new cattle permit allocations from Indonesia for the crucial stocking-up phase ahead of Ramadan or Lebaran.
However, changes in cattle importing arrangements introduced last year mean the old quarterly/trimesterly permit allocation system no longer exists.

Indian buffalo swallowing big slice of Indo market

James Nason, 16 January 2017

Feedback from the live cattle trade suggests the recent introduction of imported Indian buffalo meat into Indonesia is having a much bigger impact on demand for Australian live cattle in the country than many may have thought.