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SE Asia report: Middle men pocketing Indo margins, serious slaughter cattle decline in China

Guest Author, 15 March 2018

Middle men are taking all the margins in the Indonesian supply chain with none of the significantly reduced supply costs passed on to the local consumer, writes Dr Ross Ainsworth in this month’s South East Asia market report.

Laporan Pasar: Industri Daging Sapi Asia Tenggara

Guest Author, 15 March 2018

Pedagang perantara mengambil alih semua margin rantai pasokan di Indonesia, tetapi tidak memperhitungkan penurunan biaya pasokan yang signifikan untuk konsumen lokal. Semua bukti menunjukkan bahwa persediaan sapi potong di China mengalami penurunan yang serius

Landmark completes slaughter cattle shipment to China

Beef Central, 02 February 2018

A further 2070 Australian cattle have been delivered to China this week under the growing slaughter cattle export trade.

First cattle shipment from Northern Australia heads for China

James Nason, 17 January 2018

Australia’s growing cattle export trade to China has marked another milestone, with the first shipment of slaughter cattle to be sourced and shipped from northern Australia set to leave Townsville for China this evening.

Laporan Pasar: Industri Daging Sapi Asia Tenggara

Guest Author, 15 January 2018

Pemerintah Indonesia berubah pikiran – izin yang baru telah dikeluarkan untuk impor daging kerbau India tahun 2018

SE Asia Report: Indo govt changes mind, issues new buffalo import permits for 2018

Guest Author, 15 January 2018

Indonesian demand for beef remained weak in December with prices slipping even lower than November’s rates, as prices and polices around Indian buffalo meat imports appear to overlook a serious flaw in logic.

Chinese take bigger stakes in Australian livex companies in 2017

James Nason, 14 December 2017

A wave of direct investment by Chinese and other Asian companies into Australian livestock exporting businesses has been a prominent trend in the livestock export sector this year.

SE Asia Report: Signs Indonesia is moving to cease imports of Indian Buffalo meat

Guest Author, 11 December 2017

Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture says it has decided not to issue new recommendation letters for future Indian beef imports, recognising “buffalo meat has not been successful in stabilising the price of beef in Indonesia and that the Ministry would like to increase Indonesia’s beef production.”

Momentum to China building as Phoenix Exports sends Australia’s third beef cattle shipment

James Nason, 15 November 2017

Australia’s emerging beef cattle export trade to China has gathered further momentum this week, with WA-based Phoenix Exports yesterday sending its first, and the trade’s third, shipment of cattle from Portland, Victoria.

SE Asia Report: Importers resorting to extended credit for butchers to move cattle out of feedlots

Guest Author, 09 November 2017

Some Indonesian importers are resorting to extended credit terms for butchers in order to get cattle moving out of the feedlot. In the past this has often resulted in an ultimate failure to pay, demonstrating just how desperate some importers are. (Bahasa language version of this report also available)