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NVLX Wodonga 19 Apr 2017: Season reflected in young cattle prices

by Leann Dax, 20 April 2017


The shorter trading week because of the Easter holiday break drew a smaller than expected yarding of almost 1000 cattle at NVLX Wodonga.

The season was reflected in in young cattle prices with better-quality vealers holding their values best, while plainer vealers bore the brunt of cheaper trends.

The vealer market did fluctuate and prices were affected by as much as 22c/kg, however fresh calves did attract the better competition. European veal and their crosses made from 350-380c/kg. Vealers lacking finish sold at 340-358c/kg. Lighter veal attracted feedlot competition making from 325-379c/kg.

The trade cattle market opened cheaper, with trade steers selling 20c easier, the better covered 400-500kg making from 312-365c to average 345c/kg.

The trend was not as severe for the heifer portion where prices slipped 3c/kg it followed in line of cheaper trends at other selling centres in Victoria. The main lines of 400-500kg heifers to slaughter made from 309-335c to average 327c/kg.

Prices for feeder steers remained solid throughout the market. The bigger well-bred steers over 500kg encouraged strong competition from Jindalee feedlot, with prices topping at 358c for steers estimated to weight 550kg. Medium weight feed steers 400-500kg sold to fully firm rates making 320-352c/kg.

Prices for young feeder heifers were solid and prices were generally unchanged to a few cents dearer. Feeder heifer’s 400-500kg made from 319- 339c/kg.

Heavy grown steers sold 5c/kg cheaper. The better finished pens of heavy grown steers 500-600kg made from 300-348c, while bullocks averaged 308c/kg.

A solid trend continued in the cow market according to National Livestock Data where heavy well finished cows unchanged making from 235-265c to average 244c/kg. Leaner grade sold to slightly stronger demand averaging 232c/kg. Plainer cows fetched 173- 214 c/kg. Heavy bulls sold 11c dearer making up to 289c/kg


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