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Dalby sale 15 March 2017: Heavier categories ease, lighter cattle rise

by Beef Central, 16 March 2017

Click above to view the video market report Eastern Rural Ray White’s Peter Bird.



Heavy falls of rain throughout the supply area resulted in numbers being reduced by 750 for a yarding of 3,319 head.

The yarding consisted of good numbers of heavy yearling cattle, while there was a good supply of grown cattle.

Quality of the young cattle was fairly good with several runs of well-bred and conditioned cattle offered.

The market for heavy restocker and feeder cattle couldn’t maintain last week’s prices, with medium weight feeder steers selling to a top of 339c to average 307c, and restockers topped at 344c/kg. The feeder heifers sold to 286c to average 283c/kg.

However, light restocker yearlings and vealer restocker steers and heifers sold to a dearer trend. Restocker vealer steers topped at 406c to average 382c and restocker vealer heifers sold to 346c to average 325c/kg.

The yarding of export cattle consisted of a good supply of bullocks, steers and heifers, while cows were also in fair numbers. Quality was good in a stronger market, with bullocks and steers selling from 262c to 287c, and heifers sold to a top of 281c/kg. The cow market improved by 4c to 5c, some sales more with 3 score medium weights under 500kg averaging 220c and heavy cows sold to a top of 235c/kg.

GDL’s Joe Lehman said feeder steers were dearer by 5c to 8c and light restocker heifers and steers were dearer by 10c to 15c.
Every other category was firm.

Sale results provided from Grant Daniel Long for its yarding of 1,248 head included:

GT & CE Patteson of Kingaroy sold:
Charolais cross steers to restockers 406c, 258kg, average $1048.
Angus cross heifers to restockers 356.2c, 275kg, average $982.

M Stiller of Miles sold:
Braford yearling bulls to restockers 390.2c, 228kg, average $892.
Braford heifers 356.2c, 182kg, average $653.
Braford cows 220.2c, 506kg, average $1115.

JC & GM Worsfold of Wandoan:
Hereford cross cows to processors 227.2c, 571kg, average $1298.

BM & SM Webster of Chinchilla sold:
Charolais cross steers to restockers 368.2c, 207kg, average $765.
Charolais cross heifers to restockers 350.2c, 242kg, average $847.

Weonia Grazing Co of St George sold:
Droughtmaster cross steers to restockers 400.2c, 247kg, average $990.
Charolais steers to processors 263.2c, 757kg, average $1993.
Charolais feeder steers 332.2c, 437kg, average $1453.
Charolais steers to restockers 360c, 376kg, average $1356.
Charolais bulls 247.2c, 870kg, average $2150.
Brahman cross cows to processors 229.2c, 595kg, average $1365.

Mogera Past Co of Adavale sold
Simmental cross feeder steers 328.2c, 366kg, average $1202.
Brahman cross heifers to processors 251.2c, 372kg, average $936.

JO & SJ Lloyd of Wandoan sold Charolais cross feeder steers 324.2c, 434kg, average $1407.

Pigurra Grazing of Blackall sold:
Shorthorn steers to processors 273.2c, 631kg, average $1725.
Shorthorn feeder steers 323.2c, 486kg, average $1571.
Shorthorn cross feeder yearling bulls 282.2c, 443kg, average $1251.

A & L Parbury of Dirrinbandi sold:
Angus cross heifers to processors 266.2c, 469kg, average $1248.
Angus feeder heifers 290.2c, 353kg, average $1026.

DR & PS Patch of Yamison sold:
Angus cows to processors 229.2c, 696kg, average $1595.

ADL Equipment of Millmerran sold:
Angus heifers (grain assisted) to processors 271.2c, 468kg, average $1270.
Charolais cross heifers to processors 289.2c, 472kg, average $1365.

Moramby Creek of Dalby sold:
Angus cross feeder steers 319.2c, 455kg, average $1452.
Angus feeder heifers 300c, 363kg, average $1090.

PJ & FE Brownhalls of Cunnamulla sold:
Charolais steers to restockers 386.2c, 294kg, average $1137.
Charolais heifers to restockers 334.2c, 271kg, average $907.

JP & LJ McAllister of Wandoan sold:
Simmental cross feeders steers 326.2c, 458kg, average $1494.
Simmental cross feeder steers 327.2c, 427kg, average $1398.
Hereford cross feeder heifers 288.2c, 338kg, average $976.


Source: Grant Daniel Long, Eastern Rural Ray White, NLRS


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